Summer Internship Program

During the 6-week Summer Internship Program, we offer a remarkable array of opportunities for interns to explore and engage in various businesses / functions of Great Eagle, providing them with invaluable hands-on work experience.

Program Features

Core Business Exposure
Professional Development
Collective Learning
Performance Review and Feedback
Interaction with
Senior Executives
Rehiring Opportunities


We are seeking for candidates who:

  • Are Year 2 or 3 students from Hong Kong or overseas universities
  • Demonstrate a high level of initiative and commitment
  • Have a strong desire to gain practical work experience
  • Have the ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment with good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Show a genuine interest in Great Eagle Group’s business operations

2024 Recruitment Schedule

  • January
    Open for Application
  • Mid-April
    Application Deadline
  • Mid-April - May
    Assessment & Interview
  • Early June
    Employment Offer
  • Late June - early August
    Program Period*
    *The Program may extend to late August

Sharings from Previous Interns

I had tried to imagine what these 6 weeks in Hong Kong would be like beforehand, but it was definitely more diverse than I had expected. What I learned not only exceeds practical experience, but also encompasses the value of learning how to adapt operations based on the environment and its cultural characteristics. Once again, super thankful for these amazing 6 weeks and all the lovely people I met!

Evelyn Dong
Eagle Property Management

Internship at Great Eagle is a fulfilling experience, I can learn multifaceted knowledge and gain valuable experience. Seniors and colleagues are highly supportive, so that the environment enables me to learn and improve in a fast way. Many thanks to the CSA and HR Department, and I am very grateful for the treasurable experience!

Frank Lu
Company Secretarial and Administration Department

Great Eagle has provided me with precious opportunities to develop. I did not know much about CSA before. However, managers were willing to give me as much exposure as they can and supported me. The diverse activities organized by HR boosted my personal development. Learnt a lot in Great Eagle!

Vicki Lam
Company Secretarial and Administration Department

As the HR intern of the 2023 summer internship program, rotating among Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits and Talent Management teams, I gained diverse expertise. I learned the art of attracting talent, conducting final payment reports, and nurturing employee growth through performance management. This experience broadened my HR skill set and prepared me for dynamic HR roles.

Selby Ho
Human Resources Department

During my internship for branding at Great Eagle in the past few weeks, it has been an incredible learning experience to train on my communication and project management skills. I am very grateful for this well-organized opportunity to have worked alongside such supportive team. Thank you for helping me grow both personally and professionally.

Miranda Wen
Eaton Club

Gratitude fills me as I reflect on my internship experience. The mentorship, challenges, and learning opportunities shaped my personal and professional growth. I’m profoundly thankful for the trust vested in me, the skills acquired, and the chance to contribute to Eaton Club, The Great Eagle Group and the society. This experience has been an invaluable stepping stone, igniting my passion for my future career choice.

Gladis Leung
Eaton Club

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